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It also includes Rococo to Romanticism and the mainstream of European architecture and art beginning around 1710 until about 1830. It will take you through the USA between 1865 and 1975, the period of intense tension between the close in the American Civil War and World War Two and the way in which the USA was transformed into the powerhouse the way it does today. It also focuses on the eastern and central regions of Europe, Scandinavia, and the colonial Americas.

In the next section, you’ll explore an extremely turbulent period in British history and that of the Wars of the Roses, before doing your own research on the subject that you choose. Faculty Supervisor for Academics: Mohammed Said Belkassem. What you’ll be able to learn. Realism and Impressionism This course focuses on the change into High Romanticism via Realism and Impressionism with a particular focus of painting from France in the early XIXth Century. Unit 1 – Component 1: Breadth study. Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez. The course will look at the major historical events that have occurred across a longer period as you study the historical contexts for historical events.

XXth Century Art This course gives an thematic and chronological overview of the main styles of expression of art in the XXth century : Impressionism Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, and other art movements. It will examine "The Making of a Superpower: USA from 1865 to 1975′ and learn about the nature of factors and their consequences, as well as changes as well as continuity, similarity and divergence over a long period of time. It also covers the proliferation of new art forms (video performances or land-based pieces) and the emerging settings for fashion design marketing, publicity, and fashion in the The XXth Century. The course will also investigate the connections between economic, political and social views. Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez.

Unit 2 – Component 2: Depth study. Chinese and Japanese Art This class covers Chinese and Japanese art. In this chapter this section, you’ll be focusing on "The Wars of the Roses, 1450-1499′.

It covers Chinese as well as Japanese art of prehistory up to contemporary times. You’ll study the development of history through a variety of angles and build a deep understanding of the roles played by individuals or groups, their ideas and ideologies from different periods of time. It will examine the aesthetics involved in the development of Chinese as well as Japanese painting as well as sculpture, architecture and ceramics, as well as the role that art plays in Eastern cultural, historical, and philosophical doctrines. Unit 3 – Component 3: Historical Research.

Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez. In this section in the A level History course, you’ll pick a particular topic of development, theme or issue that you will study thoroughly and then formulate an idea of your own to focus Your Historical Investigation. Contemporary Art This course explores Contemporary Art, painting, architecture, and sculpture and the emergence and multiplicity of new art forms such as performance art, video as well as land and installation pieces, fashion, and design. You may focus on topics that are connected to national, international or local issues or even the historical context of social, cultural technological or historical modifications. It also addresses principal issues of Contemporary art critique. This course is designed to increase your knowledge of the nature and function of the field of history and improve your skills in presenting information and formulating thoughts. Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez.

Extra info. History of Art History This course examines the history of art from the earliest cave paintings up to the present day experimental art. The Guaranteed Exam Location The process of finding exam rooms aren’t easy, but with Oxbridge you’ll have an unrestricted access to our extensive network of exam centres across the UK. Art History covers the Western tradition and the various cultures from regions like the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Africa as well as The Pacific Islands, and the Americas.

essays Exam Pass The Guarantee – We’re confident that if you do not pass your first attempt we’ll assist you in passing the next test at no cost. The Academic Director is Mohammed Said Belkassem. Awarding Body. A distance-learning university can make studying and working easy and adaptable. AQA qualifications are recognised internationally and taught in more than 30 countries around the world.

More information. AQA qualifications are highly valued by universities and employers and help young people advance to the next stage of their careers. Art History Online via distance learning. AQA qualifications meet a variety of capabilities and include GCSE programs, IGCSE courses and A-level courses. Recommended References for Professionals. Recognized by UCAS. Being a member of the correct association is the best way to make yourself an experienced professional.

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